Skip in Hollywood

2018 APHA Stallion

Perlino Homozygous Tobiano

American Paint Horse Stallion

15.1hh AA, Ee, CR/CR, TO/TO 6 panel clear

A Horse for all people...

Skip in Hollywood, or "Indigo" as he is called around the barn is quite unlike most stock horses and most paint horses alive. We want to raise beautiful and incredibly colored half Arabians and so the search began for a double homozygous stallion that was both double dilute and homozygous tobiano. We found Indigo as a yearling and from the moment we saw him, we knew he was something really special. He will ALWAYS sire a Buckskin or Palomino Tobiano, he can not sire smoky black.

Because we're not typically breeders of Quarter Horses and Paints, we didn't know a whole lot about pedigree, so we decided to look for a type. We wanted a stallion that would compliment well with Arabian mares and making it so the Arabian blood and traits would prevail over the stock horse traits. It's been our observation that not every Quarter horse crosses successfully with an Arabian. A lot of times, even out of nice Arabian mares, the foal looks more stock horse than Arabian. This isn't acceptable to us, and not what we want to offer our valued clients.

Even as a yearling, Indigo had this incredibly well arched neck coming nicely out of his shoulders with a small and beautiful wedge shaped head that isn't too coarse or too jowly. He has pronounced orbit bones and a nice small square muzzle. Some who have seen him in person says he has a better head than many purebred Arabians. More importantly than the head and neck was the rest of him. Perfect legs. Smooth body, strong loin and nice long lengthy croup that isn't too dropped. Well set hocks. Overall refinement and a smooth beauty that just flows from head toe.

While he is still young and growing so far his body isn't too heavy, nor too light. He has incredible movement with a lovely uphill trot and a lovely working canter. We strive for correct movement, and so his lofty floating trot and uphill canter sold us on him. He is elegant and agile enough to be an English Sport Horse and Hardy and handy enough to be a solid working western horse. He has an incredible gentle, friendly, in the tent kind of disposition and we're pleased to say his first foal has it. He stands 15.1hh

We truly believe Indigo will sire some the best colored Half Arabian pintos the world will ever see.

We have provided reference photos of his sire and dam so that you can see that his type and quality will come through.

He carries the blood of A TRU ROLEX a multi champion stallion in roping, and a sire of champions in a variety of disciplines. He carries blood to Hollywood Dunnit as well. In our opinion, the best part of his pedigree is he is out of a mare who is linebred to Skipper W. Of all the stock horses who ever lived, hands down, Skipper W was as close to perfection as possible. With 39 crosses to Skipper W, we are confident in Indigo's ability to sire well and improve on all types of mares.

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