Bellisimo LDV

AF Cassidy x Beyah LDV

2011 Homozygous Black Straight Egyptian Stallion


Not just a pretty Face...

"Bello" is Straight Egyptian, his heritage pure royalty. He is the blue black son of his ethereal winning sire, AF Cassidy. AF Cassidy is known for winning 'Most Classic Head' three times at the Egyptian event and it is rumored that rules were changed because he kept winning the title over and over again. Cassidy was an Egyptian Event Champion stallion, the sire of winning horses at the Egyptian event and sired the Jordan National Champion mare, as well as a Jordan top 5 National colt.

Let's move past the show stuff. Let's talk about what's really important, who Bello is as a horse. He is breath taking, people who meet him always suck in their breath and stare at the coal black stallion with huge eyes, a dished head and looking better than anything they dreamt of after reading "The Black Stallion." Then he greets you with his sweet face, wanting love and attention and he just sucks you in.

He stands 15h, He is an ethereal combination of being both refined and substantial at the same time. He has a lovely short back, strong loin, a nice deep, full hip, nice length to his croup, beautiful natural arched neck that comes out of his withers, a well laid shoulder. He has nice legs, and has great movement too! He has tiny beautifully shaped ears and a dishy face that is more exotic in person. It is so dished in fact, that dirt likes to collect in it and it needs wiped out. "Come here, and lemme clean your dish dirt..." he comes and stands for the gentle wiping of his dish.

Beauty aside, and it's plain to see he has beauty for days and days, he is one of the sweetest horses! Disposition is something we really place an emphasis on, and not only does he have it. He passes it on. Bello got on my radar to join our breeding program when his owner, Janice, gave me a colt sired by him. This colt had had minimal handling and was still mostly feral. At the same time I would end up in and out of the hospital multiple times with kidney stones. Even with all this going on, the colt, when I could work with him ( which was not at all often- weeks would pass between sessions due to my health ) he soaked it up and became an extremely gentle and sweet colt. That aside, he was a very nice colt with quality, type and a style I really admired. He had incredible type, nice tight ears, large eyes, beautiful neck and body... a very nice colt over all, one most anyone would be thrilled to own.

I had seen Bello when he was a young awkward horse and it was no question he was pretty, but after meeting his colt, I had to see him. I would see him again soon, and he had blossomed into arguably one of the best Black Egyptians I have ever seen. A deal was struck and Bello would come and stand with us, and return home late fall for the winters.

He has only sired 2 purebred foals, but they're knock outs. He has a few half Arabian welsh crosses on the ground and they're gorgeous ponies. He is an excellent sire and that gentle nature works well for ponies- as they make incredible youth mounts.

Let's be honest here, not many of us want to be drug around by hot, wide eyed horses. We don't want to be run over, or feel as though we're taking a life risk every time we handle or climb aboard a horse. I know for me, I want to enjoy horses.

Bello is a very enjoyable horse to be around. He is easy to handle, easy to breed and I am told, easy to ride. When he returns in the spring we'll get him back to under saddle work and get into the show ring.

Bello is homozygous black so he can't sire a chestnut foal. Consider Bello for your mares, you won't be disappointed.

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