Ajab Al Jassimya

Jyar Meia Lua x Amira Al Jassimya

2021 Grey Arabian Stallion

We didn't plan on adding another stallion or four more Arabians to our herd, but an exceptional opportunity came up, and we enthusiastically embraced it, believing that it would take our program to new heights in terms of quality, type, and movement.

A friend informed us that Al Jassimya was relocating to Qatar and that the remaining horses, which hadn't been exported, would be sold through an auction. At that point, we had just acquired three Spanish Arabians and had no intention of adding more.

Initially, I wasn't interested in participating, but then lot 13 caught our attention - Ajab Al Jassimya. In one two-year-old colt, we found everything we had ever desired in an Arabian and more. While the Arabian breed is known for stallions with beautiful heads and bodies, they often lack well-formed legs. However, we firmly believe that it's possible and necessary to have it all: striking type, exceptional legs and hooves, and remarkable movement. Ajab Al Jassimya is a rare gem as he possesses the complete package. His movement showcases impressive reach in the shoulders, similar to our stallion Ultimate El Shaklan, with fantastic uphill motion. Furthermore, he exhibits a strong hip and sturdy loin, qualities we value in our horses for breeding and standing at stud, as many Arabians and horses, in general, tend to have weaknesses in those areas.

We instantly knew that Ajab Al Jassimya was meant for us; it was unquestionably our destiny. However, participating in the auction required a substantial deposit of around $3000 just to secure bidding rights, which seemed unattainable for us. Yet, fate intervened when we received an invitation to join a bidding group that had pooled their resources, allowing us to secure our four Al Jassimya auction picks. This turn of events forever altered the course of our modest program.

To be honest, I had previously seen Jyar and these horses, but I hadn't paid them much attention. After all, the elite breeders worldwide already had these bloodlines, and it seemed unlikely that small breeders like us could access them. Yet, that's exactly what happened.

Jyar Meia Lua, Ajab's sire, was bred by Lenita Perroy, a Brazilian breeder who is widely regarded as one of the world's best Arabian horse breeders. Jyar inherits the exceptional qualities of his lineage, specifically his line breeding to Ali Jamaal. Ali Jamaal, a monumental contribution by his sire Ruminaja Ali, played a significant role in opening doors for breeders to incorporate Egyptian bloodlines into other strains, resulting in remarkable purebred Arabians. Jyar Meia Lua, bred by the late Lenita Perroy, is a striking bay stallion, the offspring of RFI Maktub (Altam Yshmayl x RFI Cyntilation) and Jiullia El Jamaal (Ali Jamaal x Jullye El Ludjin).

Jyar Meia Lua's lineage comprises nearly 30% straight Egyptian horses, including Fadl, Hadban Enzahi, Malacha, Fakher El Din, Ansata Abu Tai, Shaker el Masri, Nabiel, and Ruminaja Ali. These bloodlines are united through the presence of Nazeer, who appears multiple times, ranging from 50% (as *Fakher El Din's sire) to 6.25% as a great-grandsire. Another noteworthy influence in Jyar Meia Lua's Egyptian lineage is Ibn Rabdan, a horse from 1917. This influence is evident in Jyar Meia Lua's physical traits, exhibiting a well-proportioned body with a distinct circular silhouette. Resembling Ibn Rabdan in terms of phenotype, Jyar Meia Lua possesses a robust and sleek topline, muscular and sturdy shoulders, a well-developed rib cage, a harmonious hind end, and an elegantly shaped neck.

At first glance, Jyar Meia Lua's lineage might appear as a combination of horses from diverse programs and nations. However, closer examination reveals common ancestral elements that play a crucial role in uniting and enhancing the traits he passes on.

Ajab Al Jassimya comes from an equally impressive maternal line. His dam, Amira Al Jassimya, was honored as the Scottsdale International Reserve Champion Egyptian Heritage Mare. She is sired by Al Ayal AA, owned by Ariela Arabians in Israel, a stallion of significant importance. In 2018, Al Ayal AA was awarded the Gold Champion Stallion at the International Egyptian Breeders Classic in Scottsdale and achieved the title of Bronze World Champion Stallion in Paris. Notably, Al Ayal AA was recognized as the Best Straight Egyptian Male of the show and won the Best Head category. His show record is extensive, and the accomplishments of his offspring are equally impressive and numerous.

Amira Al Jassimya is the progeny of Om el Aisha AlJassimya, one of the esteemed mares from the Al Jassimya breeding program. This achievement is remarkable because Al Jassimya is one of the world's foremost Arabian breeders, known for preserving athleticism, correct conformation, movement, and disposition. Al Jassimya is not just an exceptional breeder; they have also assembled a team of excellent horse people with expertise in raising well-mannered and respectful youngsters. We greatly valued these qualities in our young stallion, as prior experiences with stallions and colts lacking manners and respect made their adjustment to our rules more challenging. However, Ajab seamlessly transitioned into our program.

Amira's sire is WH Justice, and her dam is Om el Aliha, sired by Om el Al Azeem, one of my favorites from our visit. Aliha's dam, Om el Shaina, has a special place in our pedigrees whenever possible as she is the daughter of Estopa, sired by Carmargue. Om el Shaina is also the dam of Om el Shahmaan, our foundational bloodline through Shahdeen.

At the time of writing this, Ajab Al Jassimya is a two-year-old standing at 15 hands tall, as measured by a stick. He still has several years of growth ahead, and we expect him to mature well over 15 hands. We are incredibly excited to include him in our lineup. Most of the photos shown thus far are simple cell phone captures, but we plan to update them with new pictures in 2024.

An Astonishing Stallion...
Sire: Jyar Meia Lua
Dam: Amira Al Jassimya
Grandsire: Al Ayal AA

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