El Dorado Gold Chain x Society Pam

16.2hh American Saddlebred Stallion

Perlino and Tobiano AA, Ee, CR/CR

Perfectdorado was bred to be an incredible show horse and sire. Unfortunately as life often does, hurdles were placed in the way of owners and for a large part of his life, "Frankie" sat in obscurity while his owner struggled to rebuild her life after tragedy struck

I had remembered seeing Frankie many years ago for sale and wanted to buy him, but at the time didn't have the 5 figure asking price to acquire him. I kept track of him and one day, decided to message his owner and see if she'd consider selling him. She said selling him had been on her mind and after some negotiations, Frankie came to live with us.

One of the challenges of being a small breeder and owning multiple stallions is that you don't have enough mares to go around. We acquired an incredible perlino tobiano saddlebred mare shortly after Frankie arrived and he has sired two incredible fillies, both of whom we have retained for our program.

Before us, Frankie sired 2 half arabian foals, a palomino mare and a buckskin pinto colt, who sadly lost his life.

Since we don't have a lot of get to show you, we thought we would instead show you how prolific and strong this stallion's bloodline family is for siring a strong, sturdy well built sport horse type animal.

Frankie's half brother, El Dorado Gold Charm a buckskin pinto stallion has done very well as a breeding stallion and sired a Pinto World Champion son, El Dorado Spitfire. El Dorado Spitfire is well known in the Arabian community for siring incredibly beautiful half Arabian foals.

This bloodline stamps a look on these horses with such certainty. They're gentle, willing and loving animals that are easy to train. 3 generations of type are shown below for reference.

With Frankie, you're always guaranteed a golden foal, with a 50% chance at tobiano spots. He can not sire a smoky black foal.

A Hidden Jewel...
Now Standing in Washington with co owner, Haley Baker
Sire: El Dorado Gold Chain
Paternal Brother El Dorado Gold Charm
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