Partners in Breeding Arabian Horses!

Al Sharik Farm is the dream of two women who met over a love of Arabian Horses. It is a partnership between Ashley Skinner Ford and Aislinn Brander Ford. Sisters in law, but bound together by a bond over horses.
The name of the farm, Al Sharik translates in Arabic to 'the partner.' Pronounced Al Share -ick, and proper Arabic pronunnciation is Al Sharik-eh.We used to laugh and dream about buying a huge place together and breeding Arabians and half Arabian horses. As life progresses in funny ways, my husband's younger brother came to stay with us, and I introduced him to Ashley, and well- they've been together ever since. Life would take us all in different directions and the idea was set aside and mostly forgotten.Then one day we just started to kick that can of "we should do this together" again down the road. We talked about it and we came to the realization that we could do so much more together, pooling our resources and working towards a common goal that we could if we did this on our own. Having someone who shares your passion for horses is an incredible gift and this has been truly life changing!

Farm Location

Visit our farm to see our world class Arabian horses and meet the stallions standing at Al Sharik Farm.

By appointment only