ASA Notorio

Sasakis Notorio x Saiki

2022 Pure Spanish Chesnut Colt

Current measurement 14.2hh

CA Carrier

Meet ASA Notorio, our exceptional pure Spanish colt, born from the distinguished lineage of Sasakis Notorio and Saiki. Affectionately known as "Rio," he holds a unique place as one of the few intact male descendants of MEDINA AZAHARA in North America, who happens to be the granddam of the legendary Magnum Psyche. It's the infusion of Spanish blood that graced the world with that famous neck!

Both Rio's dam and sire are showcased in the accompanying pictures. Rio, as a yearling, already stands at an impressive 14.2 hands tall, boasting a level and well-proportioned physique. He inherits the remarkable hip from his incredible sire, the graceful legs of his dam, and the striking neck characteristic of his sire. With time, Rio is bound to become even more stunning as he matures and refines his appearance. He has an enormous hip, strong loin, enormous bone, straight legs, a nice long clean neck, large eyes, small ears and great movement for working hunter horse over fences or working western.

Our primary goal has been to reintroduce the Spanish source blood from which our El Shaklan and Om el Arab bred mares originated. Rio, in the future, will be available for breeding with outside mares. However, it's important to note that he carries the CA (Cerebellar Abiotrophy) gene, so all purebred mares interested in breeding will need to undergo testing to ensure a safe and healthy breeding process.

Pure Spanish
Sire: Sasakis Notorio
Dam: Saiki
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