Om el JustMagical

SMA Magic One x Om el Justadorable

2018 Grey Arabian Stallion


A magical Stallion...

Dr. Hans Nagel, world renown breeder and authority on breeding premium Arabian horses said something along the lines of... "If you want to breed a successful breeding stallion, pay more attention to the mares."

We couldn't agree more. The damline of Om el Magic Too is one of the best we have ever seen. It is stacked with potency on both mares and stallions, proven champions and champion producers. So in honor of that, let's get started with the incredible mare line of Om el Magic Too.

Om el Magic Too is out of the incredible mare, Om el Justadorable. It may be that Om el Justadorable is the best mare to happen to Om el Arab since the late great *Estopa! She is as perfect as they come. Everything you could ever wish for in an Arabian mare cound be found in this incredible winning mare. She was crowned Gold Champion Novice Filly at the 2015 Santa Ynez Foal Festival, Scottsdale Bronze Champion Mare and ABWC Top 5 Supreme Mare. She is the dam of Scottsdale Silver Champion yearling colt Oracle, by EKS Alihandro; Om El Jesenia, by EKS Alihandro as well as our Om el Magic Too.

Om el Justadorable is out of Om el Shamaandurah, sired by the late Om El Shahmaan. The blood of Om el Shahmaan is precious to our program as our senior sire, Stj Shahdeen is a son of this great stallion. Like his sire, Shahdeen has been an incredible producer so to see this blood in the damline of Om el Magic Too helped cement the decision to add him to our program. Om El Shahmaandura is by US National Champion Stallion, Om El Shahmaan and out of twice US Reserve National Champion Mare Om El Jimala. Shahmaandura was born five weeks prematurely and at first it appeared that she wouldn't survive. However, she had an exceedingly strong will to live and fought for her life from the moment she was born. We are glad she fought, because without her, we wouldn't have our incredible stallion.

Om el Shahmaandura is out of a very special mare, Om El Jimala, who was twice named US Reserve National Champion Senior Mare! In the breeding shed she was just as successful. She is out of the rare pure Spanish daughter of Estopasan, Om el Jazira, who was out of a daughter of Jacio, Bint Jacio. Having a spanish tail female line is exciting for our program. When we realized the rarity and the potency of Om el Magic Too's damline, it was decided to add him to our program. With a mare line like that, he is assured success as a breeding stallion.

Just as potent as his damline, his sire and sireline are just as proven and just as potent for passing on incredible Arabian breed traits. SMA Magic One has made a big splash on the scene as a sire. He has sired Champions all over the world at the highest levels of competition, in America, Berlin MP was Scottsdale Supreme Champion stallion, and having met him in person, he only excited our decision to add Magic even more as they're very similar to each other! The also share a similar damline, as Berlin's dam, Baraka MP is out of the Om el Shahmaan daughter, Om el Belinda Estopa. The common thread of 2 splendid individuals is the blood of Om el Shahmaan and a strong female line.

SMA Magic One is the sire of multiple Champions worldwide: Raoud Albidayer (Gold Champion Junior Colt at the Abu Dhabi International Arabian Horse Championship 2017), Mozn Albidayer (World Gold Champion Junior Filly at the Arabian Horse World Championship 2017 in Paris), Barjass Al Zobair (Gold Champion Junior Colt at the Sharjah International Arabian Horse Festival 2016) and so many more.

When we took the time to study his offspring, and the offspring of his daughters it became crystal clear that the potency of Om el Magic Too was assured. The offspring of SMA Magic One are of the highest quality with great movement and type.

It can be a hard thing, to take a risk on a young stallion who has yet to prove himself as s sire, but we feel the odds are ever in our favor with such genetics behind him.

As an individual he is as sweet as they get. He has an excellent mind and is game to try anything you ask of him. We find this to be true of this bloodline family so we weren't worried about his disposition or mind. After we picked him up from Om el Arab, we were on California 101, along the coast, and I looked over at my business parter and sister in law Ashley and said... "I have a crazy idea.... What if we stopped at the beach and unloaded him for pictures?"

She laughed and said she had had the same thought, but didn't want to say it out loud. So, I jumped on Google for a horse friendly beach and we found a Pismo Beach location. We parked, unloaded and he drew a crowd. People came to visit, take selfies with him, took video of him. He took it all in stride. He had a great time and even dropped and rolled in the sand! It takes a lot of trust for a horse to drop and roll with you next to them. I was honored to have that happen.

Sadly, the memory card in my nice Sony DSLR would somehow escape and become lost on the beach but thankfully I took some video and got a few nice screen captures to treasure that memory. Both of us enjoyed a walk in the sand, on the beach with our new, Magical stallion.


Grandsire: WH Justice

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